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"Up-and comers: Sarah Corman, an inventive singer with a fresh voice and bouncy persona, presents 'Happy Little Tune' (s/r), a collection of standards, unconventional pop numbers and originals..."

Suzanne Lorge
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"Sarah Corman - HAPPY LITTLE TUNE: This is my first listen to Sarah's spirited jazz vocalizing & I can tell you it won't be my last... in some part that is because she's joined by a jazz cast so full of talent that their jazz joy just explodes all 'round your ears. The joy that shines through is also (in great part) because of the spirit Ms. Corman's vocals wrap 'round your ears... impressive indeed. Especially on tracks like the title & opening track, "Happy Little Tune"... the image your ears will come away with is "bubbly lil' girl", no doubt! There's no doubt in my mind that you'll dig on "Such Sweet Thunder" as much as I did - in fact, it's my favorite on the CD. An even dozen tracks you will visit & revisit frequently. I give Sarah's efforts on this 'round my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.94. Get more information at"


Midwest Record

Midwest Record

"SARAH CORMAN/Happy Little Tune: Not every college girl needs a new Joni Mitchell. Some of them need a cross between Bjork and Blossom Dearie and here we find Sobrette’s spiritual grand daughter doing an album of many covers, including “Both Sides Now", in a winsome way with some top flight players in tow. A fun set that gleefully colors outside the lines, Corman likes wending her own path and wearing her singularity like a merit badge. Fans of the subtle and off beat have a sweet new rabbit to pull out of their hats here."

Chris Spector - Midwest Record


"On Happy Little Tune, Sarah Corman sings original compositions (four), standards or popular songs (seven), and a jazz piece. As evidenced here, she writes attractive melodies, including the perky title tune. Not all of her creations are upbeat, however, and some of the lyrics convey a sense of darkness, as on those to “Personal Space" (words written with Elihu Rubin) and “Little Woman." Because her “Dionysus" has no lyrics, Corman performs it as a wordless vocal with some scatting."
"...In addition to singing and composing, Corman is the major arranger of the music on this release."

"Lennon and McCartney’s “Honey Pie" and Ellington and Strayhorn’s “Such Sweet Thurder" are the jazziest selections on this CD. On the former,"... Corman sings the sentiments of a person too lazy to go to his lover", "trombonist Alan Ferber and bassist Yoshi Waki solo."

"The title of the latter selection comes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though the composers intended the piece to reflect some of the title character’s words to Desdemona in Othello. In arranging this new version, Corman and Waki retain the rambunctiousness of the original, especially in the drumming of Mark Ferber. Again Corman offers a wordless vocal with brief scatting. She also overdubbed vocal parts, as well as the trombone that plays in unison with the melody. This recording concludes on the same discordant note as the 1957 original."

"Corman has some vocal characteristics."..."her singing appeals, primarily because of the quality of her voice. In its girlishness, it is reminiscent most obviously of Blossom Dearie; more remotely, it reminds me of Joanie Sommers."

Cashbox Magazine

Jazz & Blues Tour Radio

"A joyous and surprising choice of tracks. Sarah's voice sounds very much like the great Billy Holiday and that is really very nice and refreshing. Wishing her lots of luck with this very nice production and CD will be taken into airplay a.s.a.p."

Joost Van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands


"We are playing on BBS....SARAH CORMAN'S...'HAPPY LITTLE TUNE'. She is an unique, stylist and has a superb debut CD out. The titles we are
programming are GUILTY, HONEY PIE, TENDERLY (nice twist on this),

Jim Stone - Host of "Big Band Swing" on WLNZ - Lansing, MI


"Hi Sarah-greetings from WCLK-FM in Atlanta 'The Jazz of the City!'
My name is Nicole Sweeney host of the Mid-Day jazz swing and I have to tell you, I enjoy "Happy Little Tune" to the max! I am always looking forward to a well rounded vocal CD for my show and yours was just that!!
Take care and I look forward to more of your work!"

Nicole 'Swingin' Sweeney

O's Place

"O's Notes: Sarah has a youthful stage-like quality and boatloads of enthusiasm. That abundance of happiness spills over to her surroundings and music. She sings a dozen sings, a good mix of originals and covers that match her personality. Corman has a polarized style that you will either love or hate. She displays a very grateful and thankful spirit to all involved in this collaboration, a dream come true."

D. Oscar Groomes
O's Place Jazz Magazine
P.O. Box 38430
Charlotte, NC 28278

Radio Adelaide

"Attractive and interesting!"

Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Australia


"We're playing Sarah Corman's debut CD who has a distinctive and
delightful style."

Bob Collins WRHU - Hempstead, NY