04.10.15Check out Armstead on SoundCloud!

Please check out three tracks from my band Armstead on SoundCloud. Hope you enjoy!

04.24.14"Happy Little Tune" Re-Released in Japan!

Very proud and honored to announce that my album "Happy Little Tune" has been re-released in Japan by Inpartmaint Inc. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have my music brought to more ears and music lovers!

02.07.14Great gig at The Bitter End!

A big THANK YOU to our fiends at The Bitter End for a great experience at their venue. Armstead would definitely love to perform there again soon!

01.09.13"Little Woman" on the air!

My song "Little Woman" is in the program which will be on the air at 9pm through 10pm for the week of January 6th to 12th on the radio and internet radio show "Gone Fishing for Blue Skies." Thanks for listening!
Gone Fishing for Blue Skies Playlist is available for fans and friends at the following site:

10.25.12Next Gig coming soon!

Join Armstead and me for a post-election show on November 7th at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village from 7-8:30. We have some wonderful new originals and some surprise covers!~
Click "itinerary" for more details.

01.13.12"Guilty" on online radio!

Thanks again michiko and chris!

The song "Guilty" is in the program which will be uploaded for the week of January 8th to 14th.

Gone Fishing for Blue Skies Playlist is available for
fans and friends at the following site:

11.29.11Armstead gig TONIGHT at Caffe Vivaldi (7:30-9pm)

Hope to see you there! :)

10.09.11Webcast: michiko and chris have GONE FISHING for SARAH CORMAN!

From michiko and chris of gonefishingforblueskies.com...

"We've gone fishing for Sarah Corman
at our program, Gone Fishing for Blue Skies!

The song "Little Woman" is
in the program which will be uploaded for the week
of October 9th to 15th.

Gone Fishing for Blue Skies Playlist is available for
fans and friends at the following site:

Link to our on demand streaming can also be found on the same page.

Happy fishing, and wishing you a great week!

michiko and chris"

Check them out! THANKS GUYS! :)

09.08.11Armstead gig Friday now starts at 10pm. Hope to see you there!

08.02.11GIG TONIGHT with Armstead at Caffe Vivaldi, 7pm

Hoping to see you tonight at our first full-length gig!
Sarah Corman- voice
Xerxes Eclipse- voice
Jane McIntosh- voice
John Hamilton- voice, guitar, bass
Andrew Ormstead- guitar, bass
Analissa Martinez- cello

03.20.11New Beginnings!

Just a quick update...
1) I got married and am very happy! Yay!

2) I have a new band called Armstead" including some of my favorite musicians/friends: Jane McIntosh (voice), Xerxes Eclipse (voice), John Hamilton (guitar), Brian Gellerstein (bass/guitar), and Analissa Martinez (cello) too!

3) Armstead will be playing a few tunes in this year's "Blowhole Theatre" performance at Freddy's bar (Brooklyn) on April 1st. More details to come!


All the best! :)

09.24.10Review by Sabine De Greef!

A BIG THANK YOU to Sabine De Greef for such a lovely review!
Sabine has a wonderful Blog where she reviews many new albums.
Check it out!

07.19.10IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation Review!

Check out the latest review of "Happy Little Tune" in the #104 issue of IMPROVIJAZZATION!

06.30.10Summer Vacation!

I wish everyone a happy and safe summer vacation!
I am planning future shows, most likely for the fall.
Stay tuned and best wishes.
~Sarah :)

04.01.10Gig tonight with Sixplay!

Check out "itinerary" for more details!
Hope to see you there! :)

03.10.10Over 3000 unique visitors!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for visiting (and revisiting) my website and for your continued support. I was at 2999 last night and came home to 3012!!! WOW!
~Happy Little Sarah :)

02.27.10Hear WRHU interview now in "listening" section!

In case you missed it...listen to my WRHU-FM interview with Bob Collins!
Thanks again, Bob!

02.20.10Gig TONIGHT @ Freddy's Backroom!

Please look in "itinerary" for details about tonight show.
Hope to see you there! :)

02.10.10Still #1 on KAFM!!

A BIG THANK YOU to 88.1 FM KAFM in Grand Junction, CO for continuing to keep me at #1 on their charts! All my best~ Happy Little Sarah :)

1. SARAH CORMAN Happy Little Tune
7. BEN SIDRAN Dylan Different
8. ERIC ROBERTS My Brazilian Heart [EP]
9. JOSH RZEPKA Midwest Coast
10. GENE HARRIS Gene Harris At Maybeck

01.28.10New YouTube videos!!!

Check out "Showcase" for the new "Videos" section to see songs from my CD Release Concert! Enjoy!

01.26.10THANK YOU!!!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for coming to my CD Release Party! It was a truly magical event and an honor to play for a sold out show full of such wonderful people!
~Happy Little Sarah :)

01.19.10Radio Interview with Bob Collins on WRHU-FM Airing TOMORROW (WED)!!!

Don't forget to tune in...

Wednesday, January 20th at 2:10 pm.: I'll be interviewing with Bob Collins during the "Jazz Cafe" at WRHU at 88.7 FM in the New York area and on the web at www.WRHU.org

Thanks for listening! :)

01.10.10Check out the musicians!

I am thrilled to be playing my CD Release Concert (1/23/10) with some of the most talented musicians around. Check them out!

Yoshi Waki- Bass (www.yoshiwaki.net)
Mark Ferber- Drums
Bryn Roberts- Piano (myspace.com/brynrobertsmusic)
Pete McCann- Guitar (www.petemccann.com)
Alan Ferber- Trombone (www.alanferber.com)
Corrina Albright- Viola
Analissa Martinez- Cello (analissascello.blogspot.com)
Xerxes Eclipse- Voice
Jane McIntosh- Voice
Jessica Dolinger- Voice
Di Zhang- Voice
Eric Dinowitz- Voice
Brian Tischenkel- Voice

12.27.09Radio Interview with Bob Collins on WRHU-FM!!!

Wednesday, January 20th at 2:10 pm.: I'll be interviewing with Bob Collins during the "Jazz Cafe" at WRHU at 88.7 FM in the New York area and on the web at www.WRHU.org

Hope you TUNE IN! :)

12.01.09CD Release Party set for 1/23/10

CD Release Party set for Saturday, January 23rd, 5pm @ the Metropolitan Room in Chelsea. There will be a party/reception to follow.
Buy your tickets in advance on their website or call 212-206-0440.
Hope to see you there!

12.01.09D. Oscar Groomes Review...

O's Notes: Sarah has a youthful stage-like quality and boatloads of enthusiasm. That abundance of happiness spills over to her surroundings and music. She sings a dozen songs, a good mix of originals and covers that match her personality. Corman has a polarized style that you will either love or hate. She displays a very grateful and thankful spirit to all involved in this collaboration, a dream come true.

D. Oscar Groomes
O's Place Jazz Magazine
P.O. Box 38430
Charlotte, NC 28278

11.19.09Thank you Nicole "Swingin" Sweeney!

"Hi Sarah-greetings from WCLK-FM in Atlanta 'The Jazz of the City!'
My name is Nicole Sweeney host of the Mid-Day jazz swing and I have to tell you, I enjoy "Happy Little Tune" to the max! I am always looking forward to a well rounded vocal CD for my show and yours was just that!!
Take care and I look forward to more of your work!

Nicole 'Swingin' Sweeney."

11.19.09All About Jazz- New York

Thank you to Suzanne Lorge for mentioning me in the November "VOXNEWS" section of "All About Jazz-New York"!
Pg. 11
"Up-andcomers: Sarah Corman, an inventive singer with a fresh voice and bouncy persona, presents 'Happy Little Tune' (s/r), a collection of standards, unconventional pop numbers and originals."

11.06.09Cashbox Magazine Review

"On Happy Little Tune, Sarah Corman sings original compositions (four), standards or popular songs (seven), and a jazz piece. As evidenced here, she writes attractive melodies, including the perky title tune. Not all of her creations are upbeat, however, and some of the lyrics convey a sense of darkness, as on those to “Personal Space" (words written with Elihu Rubin) and “Little Woman." Because her “Dionysus" has no lyrics, Corman performs it as a wordless vocal with some scatting."
"...In addition to singing and composing, Corman is the major arranger of the music on this release.

Lennon and McCartney’s “Honey Pie" and Ellington and Strayhorn’s “Such Sweet Thurder" are the jazziest selections on this CD. On the former,"... Corman sings the sentiments of a person too lazy to go to his lover", "trombonist Alan Ferber and bassist Yoshi Waki solo."
"The title of the latter selection comes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though the composers intended the piece to reflect some of the title character’s words to Desdemona in Othello. In arranging this new version, Corman and Waki retain the rambunctiousness of the original, especially in the drumming of Mark Ferber. Again Corman offers a wordless vocal with brief scatting. She also overdubbed vocal parts, as well as the trombone that plays in unison with the melody. This recording concludes on the same discordant note as the 1957 original.

"Corman has some vocal characteristics."..."her singing appeals, primarily because of the quality of her voice. In its girlishness, it is reminiscent most obviously of Blossom Dearie; more remotely, it reminds me of Joanie Sommers
Cashbox Magazine

10.08.09Midwest Record Review

"SARAH CORMAN/Happy Little Tune: Not every college girl needs a new Joni Mitchell. Some of them need a cross between Bjork and Blossom Dearie and here we find Sobrette’s spiritual grand daughter doing an album of many covers, including “Both Sides Now", in a winsome way with some top flight players in tow. A fun set that gleefully colors outside the lines, Corman likes wending her own path and wearing her singularity like a merit badge. Fans of the subtle and off beat have a sweet new rabbit to pull out of their hats here."
Chris Spector - Midwest Record

10.05.09Another quote...

"We are playing on BBS....SARAH CORMAN'S...'HAPPY LITTLE TUNE'. She is an
unique, stylist and has a superb debut CD out. The titles we are
programming are GUILTY, HONEY PIE, TENDERLY (nice twist on this),

Jim Stone - Host of "Big Band Swing" on WLNZ - Lansing, MI

Thanks Jim! ~Sarah

10.01.09Gig TONIGHT 10/1 @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Please join Agent 99 as we return to the stage!
Thursday 10/1, 9pm
Otto's Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St
New York, NY 10009
Hope to see you there!

09.28.09Gig this Thursday 10/1 @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Please join us for the return of Agent 99.
We will be going on around 9pm but joined by many other fun groups before and after.

538 E 14th St
New York, NY 10009-3347

Hope to see you there!

09.22.09M3 Radio Top Ten Jazz List!

I've made it to their top ten jazz list!
Thank you M3 Radio!

09.22.09Short Quotes...

"Attractive and interesting!"
Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Australia

"We're playing Sarah Corman's debut CD who has a distinctive and
delightful style. "
Bob Collins WRHU - Hempstead, NY

A joyous and surprising choice of tracks
Sarah's voice sounds very much like the great Billy Holiday and that is really very nice and refreshing.
Wishing her lots of luck with this very nice production and CD will be taken into airplay a.s.a.p.
Joost Van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands

09.19.09On the radio!!!

I am thrilled to announce that promotion for my new CD, "Happy Little Tune," has begun, and is currently playing on radio stations nationally, including Jonathan Schwartz's "The Saturday Show" on WNYC!

More to come, stay tuned!

09.08.09FREE Wallpapers!

Click on the "Downloads" section to find FREE new wallpapers for your desktop!
Enjoy! :)

09.08.09EPK Now available in "Downloads"

Included: B&W Bio, Color Bio, and 2 head shots

08.26.09I'm rated all 5's (out of 5)!!!

"She so totally rocks dudes shes like the queen of music" says one of my students.

07.23.09FREE Ringtones!

Check out "Downloads" for new free ringtones!

07.07.09Agent 99 on hiatus.

Agent 99 will be taking a performance break for the summer.
Congrats to Greg and his wife Sarah on the birth of their son Roman (2/20/09). :)

07.07.09Sixplay in transition.

Sixplay is losing two members: Jeff and Xerxes...best of luck!
We have just found two new members: Bryan and Eric so we will not be performing for the summer. I'll keep you posted!
Welcome Bryan and Eric!

06.02.09Gig TOMORROW @ Caffe Vivaldi with Sixplay!

Please join us in a farewell concert to Xerxes and Jeff.
Hope to see you there!

05.12.09Taking Finals...

Too much stuff going on right now for gigs. Will set up something soon after Spring Concerts are done with my students and my finals are over.
Got a gig in the works for Sixplay in the beginning of June and Agent 99 is playing in my school's Talent Show at the end of May, should be fun!
Also starting to think about the CD Release Party for the 2nd week of September, but there will be MUCH more info on that once the ball gets rolling. To be continued... :)

04.29.09CD now available on...

"Happy Little Tune," is now available on Amazon MP3s, ITunes, CD Baby, Digstation, Napster, Tradebit, and Lala!

04.23.09Gig TONIGHT @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Hope to see you there! :)

04.22.09Gig TOMORROW @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Hope to be seeing you tomorrow night!
Check "itinerary" for complete details.

04.20.09Lyrics added!

Check out "lyrics" for my original songs. :)

04.20.09www.sarahcorman.com featured website!!!

Dynamod has selected www.sarahcorman.com as one of their featured musician website templates!

Thank you to Jeff Rigby (graphic designer) for making this website look so amazing!!!

04.13.09CDBaby Re-stocked!

In case you went to the CDBaby site and it said, "Out of stock"
No worries...their supplies have been replenished. :)
Happy holidays!

04.01.09Time Out New York Raves!

Time Out New York calls my a cappella group, SixPlay, one of "New York's Best A Cappella Groups"!

03.26.09CDBaby is ready!

"Happy Little Tune" can now be purchased on CDBaby!
Feel free to write reviews!
You can also visit the "Buy CD" to find the link. :)

03.20.09Just a reminder...

Hope to see you tomorrow, 4pm @ the JCC (UWS)
& Sunday 9pm, Hank's Salon!

03.19.09CDs now available!

I am setting up CDBaby for easy purchasing as well as ITunes (which will take a few more weeks). BUT...you can get the CD today on DigStation!

03.17.09Two gigs this weekend...

Come join me with Sixplay on...
Saturday @ 4pm in the lobby JCC in the Upper West Side (FREE)
Sunday @ Hank's Saloon with Agent 99.
There is fun to be had!
See "Itinerary" for more details.

P.S. Happy St. Paddy's Day! CD arrives at my house tomorrow!!!!

03.13.09CDs set to arrive on 3/17

Over the next week I will be updating this site to link all available ways to obtain my CD. They are set to arrive on St. Paddy's Day. I'd call that a stroke of luck! Details to follow...

03.02.09SNOW DAY!

6:12am...Just had to exclaim my happiness at being able to go back to sleep. Enjoy the day New York teacher and students! zzz...

02.25.09CD is being pressed!

This means that my CD will be available very soon. It will be available through many online sources such as: CD baby, ITunes, Amazon, etc.
Check back for updates! :)

02.24.09Gig TONIGHT with SixPlay @ Caffe Vivaldi, 8:30pm

Check out Itinerary for more details.
Hope to see you there!

02.20.09Gig TONIGHT (2/20) with Agent 99 @ Barbes in Brooklyn

So...typically Agent 99 performs with 5 members in the band. We were going to perform with three tonight but Greg's wife is having a baby! Yeah Gattuso's! So...tonight we're calling Agent 99, Agent 39.6, since we're 2/5ths of the band. In fact, Johnny Steele is pulling out his guitar tonight instead of his typical lap steel guitar. Should be an interesting gig! Hope to see you there!

02.19.09Agent 99 Plays The Blowhole Theater Holiday Winterlude this Friday! (2/20)

Put together by Life In A Blender's Don Rauf, this yearly event brings together a variety of eccentric, endocentric and exocentric acts such as accordionists, monologuists, actors and the dreaded singer-songwriter.

Check out Itinerary for more details...

02.17.09Gig next Tuesday with SixPlay!

SixPlay has been on a hiatus due to a membership change. We are excited to debut Di and Dena next Tuesday (2/24) at Caffe Vivaldi. Details in the "intinerary" section.

02.13.09Gig TONIGHT with Agent 99 (2/13) @ Pianos

Check out intinerary for details.
Hope to see you there!

02.11.09Gig with Agent 99 this Friday (2/13) @ Pianos

Meet us in the small lounge upstairs! 8pm-8:45pm
See "intinerary" for details.

01.06.09Gig Thursday @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Please join Agent 99 and me at Otto's Shrunken Head Thursday at 8pm!
Check out "Itinerary" for details.

12.28.08Gig TONIGHT (12/28) with Agent 99 @ Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn

Check out "Itinerary" for more details.
Hope to see you there!

12.17.08New Sound Clips!

All listening clips are updated to the master copies. Enjoy!

12.01.08January Gig @ Otto's Shrunken Head with Agent 99

New gig listed in "Itinerary"
Hope to see you there!
P.S. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

11.23.08ISRC Artist Code

I'll soon be official according to the RIAA. I applied for my artist code today so all my songs are forever linked to me. There's a lot involved in making a CD. Yikes! TOTALLY worth it, just a lot. :)

11.22.08LAST Mixing!

Today we finished the mixing! Now onto the mastering and then...PRESSING! Going to get these CDs out ASAP. :)

11.11.08Gig with Agent 99 this Thursday (11/13) @ Alphabet Lounge

Aloha Friends,

Come check out Agent 99 after work this Thursday (Nov. 13) -- a special early
set starts at 7 pm sharp!

For details, check out "Itinerary"

10.27.08New gigs in November and December!

Check out Itinerary for details...

10.15.08Gig TOMORROW @ Otto's Shrunken Head

Hope to see you there! Check out "itinerary" for all the details. :)

09.12.08New Sound Clip added!

Check out "Such Sweet Thunder" in the listen section for my multi-vocal and trombone number.

09.02.08Upcoming Gig

Sarah with Agent 99

October, 16 2008 at Otto’s Shrunken Head hosting the "Night of 100 Ukes"

Check "Itinerary" for more details...

08.19.08More mixing...

More mixing today. Now I'm on the last song!!! Hopefully one more day in the mixing room and then I'll be on to small details then MASTERING! :)

08.15.08Two days of mixing.

Just finished two days of mixing. It's getting close. Hoping to finish everything so I can press the CDs at the end of August. Things are sounding really great! :)

08.09.08Come hear me sing with Agent 99 tonight @ Jalopy

Saturday, August 9
@ Jalopy
315 Columbia Street, Brooklyn / $10 cover

Sweet Soubrette 9:00
Les Chauds Lapins 10:00
Agent 99 11:00
Craig Chesler 12 midnight

Subway: F or G train to Carroll St. (ride in first car if coming from Manhattan). Walk 1 block up Smith St. to 1st Place. Make left. Walk down past highway to Columbia St. Make left to 315 Columbia.

08.08.08Gig TOMORROW @ Jalopy in Brooklyn

Check out my itinerary to get the info/directions about tomorrow night's gig. Hope to see you there!

07.28.08Adding harmonies.

Today I added harmony parts to Personal Space. Now it sounds as full as I wanted it to. Nice. :)

07.27.08Finally...recorded last tune!

This means that I'm that much closer to finishing this album. Very exciting!

07.17.08Agent 99 in a Pilot Show?

Today we interviewed for a pilot show that's similar to "Wife Swap" except with lead singers. That would mean me...yikes! Could be interesting. We'll see what happens. To be continued...

07.13.08New Sound Clips!

Just added new samples to the listening page. Let me know what you think!

07.04.08Happy 4th

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I went to see "Gypsy" on Broadway, fun night. :)

07.02.08Website Construction Begins!

Very exciting! Finally getting this site set up. Thanks to Jeffrey Rigby for all the amzing artwork and website building savvy! xoxo


The biggest part of the recording is done and it sounds great!
Thanks everyone for playing and making such magic. :) I feel the love!

02.22.08Day Two of Recording

Scary weather! Hope everyone makes it to the studio. Today we also have the wonderfully talented photographer/musician/educator Brian Gellerstein.

02.21.08Recording starts!

Today starts a two day recording session with some of the most amazing and talented musicians anyone could ever dream of.