Born in Minnesota, raised in southern California, and now living in New York City - Sarah Corman's life is as eclectic as her musical tastes.

This rising ingénue melds the worlds of jazz, folk, and pop into a startlingly sweet mixture of sensual melodies and crowd-pleasing performance. Her debut album, "Happy Little Tune," is a reflection of elements that shaped the unique, free-spirited individual she is today.

For Sarah, music has been a lifelong passion. It all began with impromptu singing recitals in front of family and friends as a young child. Her love of jazz blossomed in middle school, which led to study as a trombone performance major at UCLA and she has just recently completed a Master's Degree in Music Education at Brooklyn College. Sarah's love of music manifests itself in her daily work as an elementary school music teacher as well. It is a constant, consuming labor of love.

Sarah maintains a demanding schedule as a teacher working full time and being a member of her latest endeavor, Armstead, which can be heard at venues throughout the city (see "Itinerary" section for dates and times).

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Sarah would like to personally thank you for visiting her website!


Many thanks to the dazzling group of musicians who have worked so hard to help her put this album together.

Musicians: Corrina Albright (viola), Alan Ferber (trombone), Mark Ferber (drums), Jody Redhage (cello), Bryn Roberts (piano), Yoshi Waki (bass), and Anthony Wilson (guitar).

"When I asked these musicians to play, I knew I was not only assembling the 'A' team, but that I was going to hear magic because of the friendship we all share."

Photographers: Janaka Bolduc and Brian Gellerstein.

"Janaka spent an entire day with me during my visit to Minnesota running all over the Twin Cities to make sure that we had as many options as possible and Brian came to the recording studio in Brooklyn all the way from Queens on the only day we got snow this past February. You guys rock! Thank you."

The graphic designer is the talented Jeffrey Rigby. He took the photographs and did his artistic magic to create the cover as well as building this beautiful website. "Thank you, my lovely friend!"

Sarah is also grateful to the people who have supported her throughout her life.

"This album, website, and wonderful life experience could not have been possible without all of your support, thank you."